Sunday, August 18, 2013


      I have an entire wishlist of items I want but can't afford. Anyone with me? Here are some of the things I would buy if I had actual money.

   1. American Apparel Disco Pants. They're so wearable, but at a little bit of fun to any outfit. They're high-waisted, perfect with crop tops and sneakers. I would purchase a pair in black, a basic colour to go with anything. $80 is a good deal, but just not for me.

   2. Large Hamilton Checkerboard-Print Tote by Michael Kors. Fun and quirky, this bag was basically made for me. But $378?! Nuh, uh. I don't have that kind of cash. Maybe one day.

   3. Sophia Webster Talk is Cheap Clutch. I have had a crush on this bag for a long time. $450 just doesn't work into my budget very well.

   4. Kate Spade New York Licorice Patent Heel. I've seen it in neon yellow, black, nude, sky blue, bubblegum pink, and more. I don't even know which colour I'd want the shoe in- I guess I have enough time to decide, because it'll be years before I can afford $298 heels.

   5. Charlotte Olympia Black Velveet Kitty Slipper Flats. They're just so cute! From the soft material to the cat-face graphic on the toe, these adorable flats are to die for- even if they are $720.

   6. Preen Red Tartan Leather Biker Jacket. Leather sleeves, plaid body, gold zipper details. This killer jacket is begging to be paired with distressed boyfriend jeans and edgy buckle sandals. $1,871?! Yeah, no.

   7. Any Wildfox Lennon Sweater. Sheer, ripped-up with funny graphics and designs on them? Yes, I'm talking about Wildfox Lennon Sweaters. I have wanted one for a while now, but for $280? The sweater will have to wait.

   8. TOPSHOP KATZ Cut Out Sandals. These shoes are killer, even without a 6' heel. Random buckles, silver detailing, and comfortable material? At $104, I think these shoes would be worth it.

   9. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN Platform Sandals. I have no idea where I would wear these cobalt beauties, but hey- why not? Maybe one day these $850 heel-less shoes will be mine.

   10. VALENTINO R.E.D. Floral Print Puff Skirt Dress. With a simple print and flare-skirt, I could imagine this one with a cropped, striped blazer and killer heels. $1,095? Uh, maybe one day?

   Tell me what's on your wishlist below, and we can all dream about expensive things we will never be able to afford- together. 

    Stay Weird,

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