Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School: Trends

     This Back to School, I've made a vow to be as stylish as ever. I mean, high school is a big deal, right? Any new school is, I think. It's important to dress the part. To kick off my Back to School Series, here is a list of the hottest trends this year. 

     1. Camo. This army print is being seen everywhere lately, and you shouldn't be caught without it. Wear a parka featuring the pattern, even jeans or combat boots!

     2. Graphic tees. From band logos to funny pictures to bold-lettered words, make sure to have some sort of this! My personal pics are my Peace, Love, and Rock N Roll tee and "Limited Edition" tee, both from Forever 21.

     3. Denim EVERYTHING. Classic jeans, moto jackets, skater skirts and more- jean is in for good this season. Get your share at shops like H & M and Macy's, with perfect denim staples for your wardrobe.

     4. Leather. Everything is leather right now, from skirts to jackets to shoes to bags. It's easy to shop at bargain stores and find faux anything if you just want to try out this trend- take a swing!

     5. Sneakers. Any style, any colour, anything goes with this one. Make it your own, to match your style- yet still  be trendy! My personal pick for this trend is a pair of wedged high-tops, perfect for adding height and a cool-girl feel to any outfit.

     Some of these trends: courtesy of (:

     Hope you find this helpful! Until next time, kitties.

     Stay Weird,


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to School Lookbook Preview

     My Back to School Series is just around the corner, with a lookbook to end it with a bang. Until then, I've been compiling some end-of-summer posts. And to hold you all over until the lookbook is published, here is a preview.

     I can't wait until you guys can see the entire lookbook! It will be released in three parts, each published on a different day. The first on Wednesday, September 4th- the second on Thursday, September 5th- and the last on Friday, September 6th.

     Until then...

     Stay Weird,


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

End of Summer Sales

      The end of summer brings many last chances for things to do, on everything from night swimming, to sleeping in late, to hitting up the best sales!     
     Please note: Some of the following are online only, some are in store, and some are both. I will feature links as well, to the home pages of each store. I've done my best hunting down sales for you all, so don't waste this valuable information- get shopping, kitties!

     DISCLAIMER: I am not, in any way, affiliated with any of the following stores and brands. I have mentioned them only for the sake of you all, because fashion shouldn't have to be expensive. 

     1. J. Crew. ( With anything from cashmere sweaters to beach cover ups, J. Crew has it all in their final sale. Check it out!

     2. Gap. ( Want classic fits and styles with modern prints and colours? Try Gap's Women's Clothing sale, girls!

     3. jcpenny. ( Perfect for BTS shopping, try the clearance here for amazing deals on everything you'll need to rock the halls this September.

     4. Forever 21. ( This already affordable store now has unbelievable discounts on anything you want. Even adorable print leggings for $5 and faux leather jackets for $15! 

     5. Macy's. ( My favourite place to find good deals, Macy's has a pretty rockin' clearance section. Spend an hour or so wandering through, and you can get a few amazing pieces for less than twenty bucks! 

     6. Modcloth. ( Do you have a girly/quirky vintage style, with no time to thrift? Modcloth has everything you need. Adorable dresses, cute sweaters, all for up to 70%?! Sign me up! 

     Please take time to visit these sites! Many of my favourite stores with low prices, definitely worth your time! Until next time, darlings.

      Stay Weird,


Sunday, August 25, 2013

End of Summer Bucket List

     School is drawing closer and closer as we all try to enjoy our last days of summer. It comes every year, yet it takes everyone by surprise once it does. I don't know about you guys, but the past few months have been better than the entire school year before. I'm starting my freshman year of high school on September 4th and already stressing about it. But it doesn't mean I-and all of you!- can't enjoy the next few weeks of summer! Here's a list of things to do before school rolls around this September.

     1. Go to laser tag. With so many Laser Ones around these days, it's easy to enjoy this game. Especially when they have so many summertime events that feature discounts on games. Just last week I went unlimited for a whole night for less than $10! Gather a few friends and car pool. Between games, get fries & sodas and play arcade games. Seems like a fun night to me!

     2. Try something new. Go on the craziest ride you've always been afraid of at the fair. Shop at the mall from opening time to closing time. Do something you would never usually do under regular circumstances! You never know, you might love it.

     3. Have a massive water balloon fight. Gather a bunch of friends, meet at a large field, split into two groups and have a water balloon war! Once it's over, have a barbecue. Nothing says summer like fireworks, burgers, and friends!

     4. Go to the midnight premiere of a movie. With tons of cool movies out in theatres, there are lots of options. After, go out to an all-night-diner with some friends. Midnight adventures are the best ones!

     5. Road trip. Gather friends and hit the road! Doesn't matter if you're going across the county or the country, make a list of places to hit. Get packing!

     Go ahead and try some things on this list before summer fades away. You'll regret not doing them once fall rolls around, and the summer sun is replaces with an autumn chill. Take a chance, try something new, and have fun!

Stay Weird,


Friday, August 23, 2013

Do You Think We'll be in Love Forever?

   Ever wonder what it would be like to wear a giant tutu? Well I have. So I found one on Ebay and ordered it! It wasn't as "poofy" as desired but it still works. Here's how I wear it.

     Put with a red graphic tee, leather jacket, and sneakers, this tutu is pretty rock n' roll! Never thought I'd say that.

   Top: Forever 21

   Jacket: Wet Seal
   Skirt: Ebay
   Shoes: Just Fab

   Guess what song the title is from in the comments, darlings!

   Stay Weird,


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All We Need is Stars and Moon

     Leather is a huge trend for the fall, and here I will show you how to fuse it into your wardrobe.

     Skater skirts are staples in my wardrobe. They can go with anything from band tees and sneaks, to a crop top and heels. But when they are leather, skater skirts become more edgy than ever before. Add a graphic tee, Converse, and a statement necklace- now you have incorporated a major fall trend into an everyday look!

     Top: Forever 21
     Skirt: Forever 21
     Shoes: Local Boutique (brand: Soda)
     Necklace: Avon

     You know the drill, ladies. Guess the song in the comments! What is the title a lyric from?

     Stay Weird,


Monday, August 19, 2013

Goodbye Brown Eyes

     Boho chic becomes suddenly casual when a maxi dress is replaces with a romper, and piles of jewelry are brought down to the bare minimum of some arm candy. 

     Here I'm wearing a floral print romper/jumpsuit, strapless with an elastic waistband. I thrifted it for less than $10! The coral blouse has cutout details and is rolled up to the sleeves- add gunmetal chain sandals for some edge and you have yourself a perfect outfit for any late summer-early fall gathering!

     Romper: H & M

     Blouse: Forever 21
     Shoes: Avon?
     What song is the title from? Guess below, girls! 

     Stay Weird,


Sunday, August 18, 2013


      I have an entire wishlist of items I want but can't afford. Anyone with me? Here are some of the things I would buy if I had actual money.

   1. American Apparel Disco Pants. They're so wearable, but at a little bit of fun to any outfit. They're high-waisted, perfect with crop tops and sneakers. I would purchase a pair in black, a basic colour to go with anything. $80 is a good deal, but just not for me.

   2. Large Hamilton Checkerboard-Print Tote by Michael Kors. Fun and quirky, this bag was basically made for me. But $378?! Nuh, uh. I don't have that kind of cash. Maybe one day.

   3. Sophia Webster Talk is Cheap Clutch. I have had a crush on this bag for a long time. $450 just doesn't work into my budget very well.

   4. Kate Spade New York Licorice Patent Heel. I've seen it in neon yellow, black, nude, sky blue, bubblegum pink, and more. I don't even know which colour I'd want the shoe in- I guess I have enough time to decide, because it'll be years before I can afford $298 heels.

   5. Charlotte Olympia Black Velveet Kitty Slipper Flats. They're just so cute! From the soft material to the cat-face graphic on the toe, these adorable flats are to die for- even if they are $720.

   6. Preen Red Tartan Leather Biker Jacket. Leather sleeves, plaid body, gold zipper details. This killer jacket is begging to be paired with distressed boyfriend jeans and edgy buckle sandals. $1,871?! Yeah, no.

   7. Any Wildfox Lennon Sweater. Sheer, ripped-up with funny graphics and designs on them? Yes, I'm talking about Wildfox Lennon Sweaters. I have wanted one for a while now, but for $280? The sweater will have to wait.

   8. TOPSHOP KATZ Cut Out Sandals. These shoes are killer, even without a 6' heel. Random buckles, silver detailing, and comfortable material? At $104, I think these shoes would be worth it.

   9. GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI DESIGN Platform Sandals. I have no idea where I would wear these cobalt beauties, but hey- why not? Maybe one day these $850 heel-less shoes will be mine.

   10. VALENTINO R.E.D. Floral Print Puff Skirt Dress. With a simple print and flare-skirt, I could imagine this one with a cropped, striped blazer and killer heels. $1,095? Uh, maybe one day?

   Tell me what's on your wishlist below, and we can all dream about expensive things we will never be able to afford- together. 

    Stay Weird,

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself

       A little bit of rock n' roll never killed anyone! This look is just edgy enough with the sneaks and Stones tee, but add an adorable bag and skirt and you have an interesting outfit.

       Having a loose top and tight bottom is essential to a look like this, because it balances out the proportions. Adding texture adds interest too, so the leather bag is a perfect addition. I bought it at a local boutique for only $22, and am planning on using it when school rolls around! 

       Top: Unknown (dupes found at Forever 21)
       Skirt: H & M
       Shoes: Just Fab
       Bag: Local Boutique

       Guess the reference to a song in the title. Comment below, ladies!

       Stay Weird,


Friday, August 16, 2013

Won't you show me to the party?

       Everyone loves a good deal, right? This outfit costed me $20 overall! How, you ask? Well keep reading to find out.

       I was wandering through Macy's a month or so ago, when I came across this dress. At first sight, I couldn't tell if I loved the dress or hated it but once I tried it on I was convinced I had to purchase it. Upon checking the price tag, I saw that there were at least three price stickers piled over each other, the top one saying it was $7. Then, once I was checking out, there was a deal where if you donated $3 to an organization that provided books for children, you got $10 off your purchase- a total savings of $7. I got the dress for free!

       The shoes I ordered from, where I got my first item for $20. This deal is great, except for the fact that it is a monthly subscription to buying shoes. I mean, don't get me wrong- that sounds amazing! But after the first pair, they double in price. You can cancel the subscription anytime. 

       A black skater dress with neon accents and chic wedge-sneakers are quite the combination. I didn't have a clutch to match, but I could definitely imagine a snakeskin one to add some interest to the outfit. Note to self: buy snakeskin clutch.

       Dress: Macy's (One Clothing)

       Shoes: Just Fab

       Try and guess the song the title references to in the comments, darlings!

       Stay Weird,


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just Some Things

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I will be out of town for the next few days, but I've scheduled some posts for when I'm gone.

Anyway, what do you guys, my readers, want me to post more about? I want to create a Back To School series, featuring a lookbook, list of essentials, what's in my bag, etc. What do you all think? Let me know in the comments below!

I am really happy to be running a blog, and I love hearing from you all. If anyone has any feedback (please keep it nice!), feel free to comment. Give me advice, tell me what you think of how I've been running Just Adorbs, and more. 

Stay Weird,


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

See you on a Dark Night

         Street Style is usually where I pull my inspiration from for everyday looks. Here is one outfit that is cool and chic, well thought through without being overdone.

        A light-coloured, flowy top instantly became edgy when paired with all black. With skinnies, wedge-sneakers, a fedora, and chain necklace, this look is dark in all the right ways.

        Jeans: New York and co.
        Top: Wet seal
        Sneakers: Just Fab (Keena)
        Fedora: Unknown
        Necklace: Forever 21

       What song is the title a reference to? Hint: The artist's name is Grimes.


Stay Weird,


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Beauty Queen

       This outfit is older, just like the previous one I posted, but I haven't had any chance to do OOTD's yet. I wore this for a shoot with some friends. 

       The skirt is actually a dress that I bought for my formal dance in eighth grade. I threw on a denim button down that I tied at the waist and rolled at my elbows. Add combat boots + a bandana and you have a casual, Rockabilly-inspired look!

Dress: Modcloth (Hell Bunny)

Top: Gap for boys
Boots: Bass

If you can guess what song the title is from, I'll give you a shoutout in my next post! Last post's song was Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, thanks Anon! Keep guessing, kitties. (:

Stay Weird,


You're Zero


      This is my first ever blog post! Okay, so I sound pretty dorky, whatever. I'll get the hang of this soon enough. To keep my identity a secret, I am using a pseudonym and not showing my face in any pictures.

 Every outfit I post will be titled with a song lyric. Try and guess it in the comments, first person to gets a shoutout in my next post.

    This outfit is pretty punk in my opinion, with the 50's-print flare dress and tough boots. Adding a pink belt and pearls just 

juxtaposes the edgy side and softens it a bit, along with adding interest to the look.

   Dress: Unknown- similar styles sold at Modcloth

     Belt: Wet Seal
     Necklace: Unknown
     Boots: Bass

I hope this blog is good for me, and I can express myself freely to everyone who reads this. I highly doubt this site will get much attention but a girl can dream, right?

Stay weird,