Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Beauty Queen

       This outfit is older, just like the previous one I posted, but I haven't had any chance to do OOTD's yet. I wore this for a shoot with some friends. 

       The skirt is actually a dress that I bought for my formal dance in eighth grade. I threw on a denim button down that I tied at the waist and rolled at my elbows. Add combat boots + a bandana and you have a casual, Rockabilly-inspired look!

Dress: Modcloth (Hell Bunny)

Top: Gap for boys
Boots: Bass

If you can guess what song the title is from, I'll give you a shoutout in my next post! Last post's song was Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, thanks Anon! Keep guessing, kitties. (:

Stay Weird,