Tuesday, August 13, 2013

You're Zero


      This is my first ever blog post! Okay, so I sound pretty dorky, whatever. I'll get the hang of this soon enough. To keep my identity a secret, I am using a pseudonym and not showing my face in any pictures.

 Every outfit I post will be titled with a song lyric. Try and guess it in the comments, first person to gets a shoutout in my next post.

    This outfit is pretty punk in my opinion, with the 50's-print flare dress and tough boots. Adding a pink belt and pearls just 

juxtaposes the edgy side and softens it a bit, along with adding interest to the look.

   Dress: Unknown- similar styles sold at Modcloth

     Belt: Wet Seal
     Necklace: Unknown
     Boots: Bass

I hope this blog is good for me, and I can express myself freely to everyone who reads this. I highly doubt this site will get much attention but a girl can dream, right?

Stay weird,



  1. Awesome blog! Keep posting!

  2. Zero by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  3. Thank you so much! And congrats, you guessed it! I'll edit in the shoutout (to anon) in the post right after this one. :)