Friday, August 16, 2013

Won't you show me to the party?

       Everyone loves a good deal, right? This outfit costed me $20 overall! How, you ask? Well keep reading to find out.

       I was wandering through Macy's a month or so ago, when I came across this dress. At first sight, I couldn't tell if I loved the dress or hated it but once I tried it on I was convinced I had to purchase it. Upon checking the price tag, I saw that there were at least three price stickers piled over each other, the top one saying it was $7. Then, once I was checking out, there was a deal where if you donated $3 to an organization that provided books for children, you got $10 off your purchase- a total savings of $7. I got the dress for free!

       The shoes I ordered from, where I got my first item for $20. This deal is great, except for the fact that it is a monthly subscription to buying shoes. I mean, don't get me wrong- that sounds amazing! But after the first pair, they double in price. You can cancel the subscription anytime. 

       A black skater dress with neon accents and chic wedge-sneakers are quite the combination. I didn't have a clutch to match, but I could definitely imagine a snakeskin one to add some interest to the outfit. Note to self: buy snakeskin clutch.

       Dress: Macy's (One Clothing)

       Shoes: Just Fab

       Try and guess the song the title references to in the comments, darlings!

       Stay Weird,


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