Monday, September 9, 2013

August Favorites

     Hey guys! Today I'll be showing you my top five favorite products/items for the month of August. Hoping to do this every month! They will feature an assortment between fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-type products. This month happened to be more health/beauty though. 

1. St. Ives Blemish Control Green Tea Scrub. UNFORTUNATELY, this has been discontinued. I was beyond bummed to hear this at Harmon's yesterday. I did, though, purchase a large tub of the same scrub but instead of green tea, it is apricot. I am liking it so far, maybe it will be mentioned in my next Favorites?

2. sexyhair Straight Sexy Hair Darn Straight lotion. I use this only when my hair is wet, then blow dry it. Usually, it turns out looking like I used a straightening iron on it when I didn't. Loving this!

3. Neutragina Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Gel. Great for getting rid of acne, with the right cleanser(s). Do you guys want a skin care routine post? I have been pondering this idea. Maybe!

4. FIERCE bracelet. I purchased this from Kohl's with my BTS stuff and forget to mention it in the haul. I love this, and I think it has a magic touch- I didn't wear it my first day of high school and I had a terrible day full of misfortunes. But when I wore it the second, I had a great day! Hmmm...

5. Forever 21 Yoga Pants. OMG. These are so comfy, it's not even funny. I love wearing this on lazy days around the house with a sweater and slippers. Love!

     Coming up: some reviews, OOTD's, and maybe a skincare routine! Comment how you are liking my way of running a blog.

     Stay Weird,


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