Saturday, September 21, 2013

You're Swingin Me Up, You're Swingin Me Down

     Okay, I will admit... I sort of have a thing for ugly sweaters.
     This one I am wearing was my mother's Liz Clayborne from the 90's. I mean for God's sake, it came with SHOULDER PADS! I should have disposed of it immedietly and washed my hands after even touching such a unholy garment, but you know what I did instead? Took out the shoulder pads (and promptly threw them in the garbage) and PUT IT ON. Crazy, right?!

     But it's so cute! Sorry, not sorry- I just love this sweater. It's cream and navy printed and has drop shoulders. With dark blue skinnies and combat boots, I looked like such a hipster on a day out with friends. I even had a Nikon slung around my shoulders, and the tips of my bob are ombre. How much more hipster can I get??

     Sweater: Liz Claborne (90's)
     Jeans: New York and Co.
     Boots: Bass

     What is the title a reference to? Hint: It's a popular tune by the now unpopular Nicola Roberts.

     Stay Weird,


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