Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Frock Swap

     There is a good chance you just read the title and thought, "What's a Frock Swap???" Well, my friends, here I will explain 'How to Frock Swap.'

      A Frock Swap is basically when your girlfriends all gather large amounts of clothes, shoes, and accesories together into a huge bag and meet at one person's house. Upon arrival, you may not show anyone what is in your bag. Then, at the same time, everyone dumps their bags out onto the floor. After, enjoy picking through and collecting items to bring home and add to your own closets. 

     I am usually the hostess of these Frock Swaps. I introduced the idea to my girlfriends after discovering it from my favourite blogger Bebe Zeva of Fated To Be Hated (ftbh.blogspot.com). 

     Here, I received many items INCLUDING:

THIS bright green sweater

THIS lace polka-dot top

THIS sequined mini skirt

     Stay Weird,


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