Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October Favourites

      It's here again- my monthly favourites post! 
      This month, I did not do a good job keeping track of my favourite products and items, so I chose several ones I have been using a lot recently!

     1. Sephora Pro Lesson Makeup Palette:


     2. Apartment 9 Clutch from Kohl's:

     3.  Sephora 10-Hour Wear Perfection Foundation in Light 12:

     4. Turquiose Necklace:

     5. Sephora Smart Liner in Black:

     This month featured quite a few Sephora products, huh? I am currently obsessed with this store and the things it sells!

     Stay Weird,




  1. Ok... I've been trying to get my liquid eyeliner to work, but it just doesn't.... could you do a tutorial??

    1. I was thinking of doing a tutorial, actually! To be honest, it takes a TON of practice. Some people prefer gel liner or pencil over liquid, but liquid is just my pick. Try different types of eyeliners, too, and pick what works best for you. Thanks for commenting!