Saturday, November 2, 2013

Please Don't Leave Quite Yet

      On Wednesday, I took a trip to New York City to see Once on Broadway. I am not a huge theatre kid (although most of my friends are- I am more of a band geek!), but I honestly loved every minute of this. I wandered about the city, went on the ferris wheel in Toys R' Us, shopped at the three-story Forever 21 store, went to Junior's for lunch, and had an amazing time. Here is what I wore!

      Denim-on-denim is a true classic look for all you casual girls out there; skinnies and a button up are my favourite take on this idea. Adding high-top Converse and a funky, checkered cardigan just create personality in the outfit.

     Top: Gap
     Jeans: New York and Co.
     Sweater: Forever 21
     Converse: Knock-offs from a local boutique 

     Stay Weird,


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