Saturday, November 30, 2013

What's in my bag?

     Hey guys! So for today, I wanted to show you guys what I keep in my purse. Of course, a majority of the space in my bag is filled with random junk I collect over time... but here are the essentials!

     1. Makeup bag. In here, I keep a few basic things like concealer, lip gloss, chapstick, mascara, and some ponytail holders. 

     2. Gum. Hey, sometimes you need to freshen up a bit!

     3. Wallet. I have to have a place to keep extra cash and store cards!

     4. Phone. Okay, I would not be able to survive an average day without my phone.

     5. Deck of cards. I always play card games with friends when I'm bored.

     Stay Weird,


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