Friday, February 28, 2014

One Piece, Two Ways

     I love trying to take one item and wear it as many different ways as I can. Here, I took my new red pants from H&M and wore them in two outfits: one is sweet and the other is edgy.

     In the sweet one (see left), I paired the bottoms with a striped tee to keep it classic. The cut is the best part, to me at least, because it put a fresh spin on your average nautical top. Adding a pair of cute nude flats just completed the look.

     For the edgy look (see right), I decided to put the emphasis on red by wearing a Stones tee with red details. Playing on the rock vibe, I wore my ~new~ Doc Martens that I refuse to not bring up in every conversation I have, ever. They're just so perfect.

     Stay Weird,


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