Sunday, March 30, 2014

Next Lookbook

     Hey lovelies! 
     I haven't published a lookbook in a long time (check out my last one here), huh? I think it's time to have a new one up- but what type?
     I want you all to vote; do you want a lookbook for music festivals or spring/summer? Vote to the right of this post and let me know! :3

    Stay Weird,



  1. I really need prom dress ideas!!! What's in this year???

    1. Hi! Lately, I have seen a LOT of light colours like mint and blush. There has been more emroidery and chiffon than sequins and tulle, too! One other trend is tea-length dresses that reach between your knees and ankles, somewhere along your calf. But make sure you stay true to what you like personally! Hope I helped :3