Friday, April 25, 2014

DIY Floral Crowns

     I've been crushing on floral crowns for a little over a year now. After seeing tons of hipsters on Tumblr rock these, along with festival lovers and stars like Lana Del Rey, I knew I had to get my hands on my own. Since spending over $20 on one from a popular store seemed impossible with my broke-high-school-student budget, my friend Anna and I decided to create our own! Here is what you'll need to make lovely floral crowns like the ones shown above:

     1. A headband- you can purchase one from almost any store now-a-days, but make sure yours is sturdy enough. Also, fabric ones work best.

     2. Faux flowers- any craft store carries these, and you can pick any colour scheme you like- we decided to go with pale pinks!

     3. Something to secure the flowers with- preferably a hot glue gun.

      First off, you want to yank the flowers off their stems. They should pop off, but you may need scissors to snip down the nubs left under the flower. 
      After you have all the flowers you will need, begin gluing them to the headband. If possible, make a base layer of the flatter ones before adding large flowers.
       Continue gluing until your headband is covered entirely with flowers! Remember, you can't do much wrong while making these, so they are great for beginners. 

        Check out some pictures from my day with Anna!

      Enjoy your new floral crown! Post pics of how yours turned out on Instagram and tag me (@justadorbsblog) so I can re-post :3

     Stay Weird,


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