Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back to School Lookbook

     Here it is, guys! My official BTS lookbook, guest starring my girlfraaand- Jeannette! 

LOOK 1: Lovers Hold Onto Everything

LOOK 2: Diet Mountain Dew, Baby New York City

LOOK 3: It's Hard to Dance with the Devil on your Back, so Shake Him Off

LOOK 4: Could it be my Lucky Day?

LOOK 5: It's Alarming, Honestly, how Charming she can be

LOOK 6: Just Like all Those Pretty Lights

     Hope you guys liked this! Now you should be expecting usual OOTD's, an August Favorites, some hauls, and more! Until next time...

     Stay Weird,



  1. I absolutely adore your outfits!!!! When winter comes around, could you do a sweater thing????

  2. Thanks so much! :) Yes, I adore sweaters so I'll have to make a post on them! Maybe a winter lookbook featuring them! Thanks for the feedback.