Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Weekender: Garage Sale-ing and the Gingerbread Castle

     This weekend I went on a pretty satisfying adventure with my friends Hayley, Jeannette, and Mae. First, Hayley and I wandered around our town and hit up some garage sales. Our town has one weekend a year full of them, and this one was it. Here is a compilation of the most interesting finds.

     Later, we met Jeannette and Mae to visit a place called the Gingerbread Castle. It was once featured in Weird NJ, being a creepy old building once used as a wonderland for children. Next to it is a disturbing factory that was abandoned years ago- it used to be the Wheatsworth Mill. 
      *PLEASE NOTE* We did not trespass at any point in this journey. We stood across the street and on the bridge to take these. Yeah, we played it safe. Don't judge.


     All in all, it was a weird weekend. I am hoping to do more posts on what I do on weekends. Comment thoughts!

     Stay Weird,


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