Monday, October 21, 2013

Scribble Down Something That's Sweet

     Over the weekend, I went adventuring around some cool local places. I will post about where I went and what I did in a few days, but for now- here is what I wore!
      High-waisted skinnies are my go-to pieces for any casual outfit. Adding a denim top to the denim bottoms just doubles the edgy factor! A bright envelope clutch and some arm candy add some colour and are just the icing on the cake.

     Top: Gap
     Skinnies: Kohl's
     Boots: Bass
     Clutch: Kohl's

     To go off on a completely unrelated tangent, I'm über excited for my trip to New York later this month. I'm attending Once the Musical with my band/choir for school. We have a time period where we can wander about Times Square- my friends and I have made reservations for a wicked Italian place at lunchtime, and I cannot wait to hit up the three-story Forever 21 store. I haven't been to the city in five whole years, and I miss it so much- almost, in a way, homesick (even though I have never lived there). So, I'm basically exploding with excitement. 

     Stay Weird,


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