Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Eve Guide

     Hey guys! Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and everybody is doing something different. Here, I will show you two different looks- one for a formal event, and one for a semi-formal event. At the end, I'll share my tips to having a spectacular holiday and what I'll be doing!

     Look 1: 

     You can never go wrong with a LBD! I chose a fitted one to pair with a statement necklace, sheer tights, and pumps. It's simple, classy, and fun. I could imagine someone wearing this at a party with friends.

     Look 2: 

     I absolutely love this look because of its versatility. When you think about it, you can wear this to numerous events. You can swap out heels for combat boots, or a clutch for a satchel, etc. 

      Top 3 Tips for a Perfect Christmas

  • Have a practical, but cute, outfit
  • Be with people you care about- whether this be family or friends.
  • Have fun!

     On Christmas Eve, I always relax the entire day till the evening. Then I go with my family to church; after, we drive around and look at the lights on people's houses. Later, I get Chinese food and chill out in my PJ's. On Christmas day, my family exchanges gifts and I spend the day eating and spending time with my loved ones. 

      What do you do on Christmas Eve & Christmas? Comment below! :)

     Stay Weird,


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