Sunday, May 11, 2014

All About Us

      Part of me is mourning the days when I could get away with wearing dark sweaters and boots all the time. But the other part is beyond psyched to be wearing bright colours and ballet flats once again! So as hard as it is to put away my chunky black apparel, I will settle for pastels and chiffon.

      Here, I feel as though I captured the essence of spring in one look- while getting away with some black in the skirt. When you tuck a sheer button down into a mini, you're bound to get a cute outfit as a result. To make the look pop, I added a bright statement necklace and finished it off with kitten heels. I'm still mastering the art of walking in high heeled shoes, so for now I will stick to under three inch ones.

     What spring staple are you currently digging out of your closet? Comment below and tell me! c:

     Stay Weird,


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