Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to School: Playlist

           I feel that everyone needs a killer playlist to go to school with. I always have one prepared on my iPod for the busride in the morning. Here I will share 10 of my favourite tunes to add to your soundtrack.

     1. Changing of the Seasons- Two Door Cinema Club. My favourite band has just released a new single off their soon-to-come album. Check it out!

     2. Lucky Day- Nicola Roberts. When I first discovered this artist, I fell in love with her. This song is quite catchy, I will say.

     3. Sticks and Stones- The Pierces. The same band that sings the theme song for Pretty Little Liars, (Any PLL fans out there? Comment if you are!) this group is famous for their eerie but fascinating music. 

     4. Shake it Out- Florence and the Machine. This song sort of inspires me to take control of my life and make the best of it- goes pretty well with the concept of a new school year, huh?

     5. Vanessa- Grimes. One of my favourite singers, she releases pop-y yet meaningful music that I just adore. Look it up!

     6. Fire in your new shoes- Kaskade. All about fashion, style, and confidence, this song is meant to boost yours!

     7. Anything Could Happen- Ellie Goulding. The best artist to listen to when getting pumped up for your first day, make sure to check out Ellie. 

     8. Walcott- Vampire Weekend. A song all about escaping your boring old town for one night, I can relate to this song on a thousand different levels. One of the best indie bands out there, too!

     9. Scab and Plaster- Marina and the Diamonds. Being one of her unreleased songs, this one is only leaked onto Youtube. But Marina is probably my favourite solo female artist, so please take time to listen to this song!

     10. Bad Reputation- Joan Jett. Basically my theme song, this oldie is a goodie. If you have an attitude and bad rep, Joan Jett is probably the best fit for you when it comes to songs on this list.

     Okay, I lied about there being ten- here is one more:

     11. Factory Girl- The Pretty Reckless. Taylor Momsen is just perfect, as well as her band. You will recognize her raspy voice from Gossip Girl- Little J is all grown up!

     These are just some of my favourite songs right now. Take the time to look em up, kitties!

     Stay Weird,


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